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Research & Web Design

Our goal on this stage is to listen, observe, synthesyze and glean insights that enable him or her to make the invisible dreams visible websites.

How should your site looks like? Here we'll answer this and not only this question together.


Site Development

To make contact form. To make site's page look like you need. If to formulate in one sentence, then to translate a design language into web.



One of the most important stages of the project to be sure that everything is ok: a contact form sends an information and a site's page looks good on your smartphone and tablet at the same time.


Support & Monitoring

We make sites that you can update by yourself. It's very simple to write an article with some photos and to publish it. We will convince you of this, we promise.

Website Crafting

website crafting

Research & Web Design

How we create a web design for our clients in three simple steps.


As a general rule we start working with a website development brief which we’ll ask the clients to fill in. It’s a good point to start project quickly and understandably for both sides and gives you the opportunity to describe yourself: your preferences, tastes and even habits. Don’t be surprised!

Design Prototype

After completing the brief and discussing it, we proceed to work. You get a work plan and deadlines for each stage. Deadlines vary depending on the complexity of the project. At the end of this stage both sides know how user interfaces and any other website’s objects look like.


User interface and user experience are important if your web project consists of filling forms, email forms and any other types of communications with your visitors. A form with unfriendly interface will close faster than you count to ten. That’s why we’ve written a separate section for UX and UI.


Go from drawings and discussion to action!

Now it’s time to translate your wishes, your opinion and your dreams from words and paper into web languages such as HTTP, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

At this stage we will have time to bother you with the questions: do you like it, don’t like it? What exactly?


We make websites that solve functional problems and look good on any device. A  full cycle of website development is unthinkable without a testing phase.

Testing our web project takes time, but it’s necessary for the best result.

website crafting

Support & Monitoring

Our web projects are simple for updating by not‑specialists. We are sure that the best way to conduct a good interesting and exciting site is to update it with your hands, with the hands of a  person who knows everything about his business and is ready to share his knowledge and chips.

You can count on our support in this matter. We’ll explain how to create an article on  a site that is friendly to search engines and how to publish it.

After the site is launched and the publishing mechanisms are worked out, we publish the site.

We don’t sell the domain names but can help you to register it on your behalf via Louhi Net Oy for example. It’s free of charge.

It’s almost finish!

Left to put your site in the monitoring system. We should know about any problems with hosting, with the need for software updates earlier than you.

Usually we succeed.