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Logodesign & Branding

logodesign and branding

Symbol of your business

A logo is a main part of business identity. Logo could be a visual interpretation of your business, could be a symbol of your team or a flag.

It does not matter how you explain your logo yourself. One thing is important: the logo should be understandable, readable on different surfaces, from paper to textiles, and memorable. We’ll be able to make it so together.

What do you prefer: a lettering or a picture style? Colorfull or austere logo? It’s time to look at your business through the eyes of associations and parallel concepts.

As a result, you get several variants of the same logo in color, black and white, light and dark version, horizontal and vertical outline. Such a variety will allow you tomoniously build your logo into website pages, print forms, paper documents, a social networking profile.

logodesign and branding

Materialization of graphic ideas

Obviously the logo does not make sense on its own.

The logo begins to work when it was printed on paper, a package or on a business card, when it was embroidered on a T‑shirt and applied on the side surface of a mug, umbrellas and the balls for petanque. Do you play petanque?

We’ll be happy to share our knowledge and our experience of branding with you in relation to your tasks.