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years of experience

Kabulari Studio is a team of IT engineers, designers and technologies with rich work experience in different IT companies. It helps us to speak the same language with studio's clients.


web projects

Personal websites and blogs, business and e‑commerce projects, portfolio and wiki websites, helpdesk and photography websites. Yes, we could not have chosen our specialization and it's not for anything.



We are proud to be a partner of some brilliant companies. And we are more than proud that some of them return to us with their new projects.

let us introduce ourselves

Facts about Kabulari Studio

We are a finnish web studio specializing in web projects with more than 19 years experience, so we are able not only to make websites, but also to administer them.

Over the years of practice, we managed to work with a variety of clients and on the most unusual projects. As a result it’s a great influence on the horizon.

We have an international team, which also brings a variety of ideas, issued by Kabulari Studio.

Our teat is never late for meetings. Addition to personal contacts, we actively use instant messengers and remote work tools, for example TeamViewer, which greatly simplifies communication.

Almost all projects we close just in time. From the earliest stages of projects we prefer optimistic forecasts to realistic forecasts.

Kabulari Studio is a small company, so we can offer you the services directly from person to person and quickly respond to the wishes of you.

We have our own photo studio and equipment, which we, if necessary, are taken to the client’s location.

No one smokes in the company.

We speak Russian, English and German, not code language.

Kabulari Studio doesn’t have a standard offer. As if every project is unique, rest assured that every one of our ideas is too.

let us introduce ourselves

Part of your story

Above and beyond project success, we have another goals: to be proud and to learn. To be proud to connect with interesting, experienced, knowledgeable professonals in their field and to learn from these people.

We guess it’s paramount. And we’ll be glad to be a part of your story.

letter of thanks

let us introduce ourselves

Our clients say

We tried many times to update several pages of our site, but each time external experts either denied us, or exhibited a space bill for work. Experts of Kabulari Studio were able to conduct all the necessary work in a matter of hours and an adequate cost. Thank you for your assistance!

—E. Pharnosova
CEO, Membranika

Each winery has its own history, its legends and its heroes. We tried to ensure that all this was reflected in the materials of the site of Zolotoe Pole.

Thanks to the work of the Kabulari Studio’s team it turned out that way. Detailed history of the enterprise, description of the terroir, original illustrations, modern look of the site, multiplied by a simple an understandable structure and topical technologies. Thank you for the collaboration!

—A. Kobal
CEO, Zolotoe Pole

In early 2018, we completed the renovation of our site. The structure was completely reworked, the menu was re‑programmed, a section with customer references appeared. The design of the site has also changed.

—Y. Barinov
Commercial Director, IT Center