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Photos for E‑commerce

The picture of the goods in the online store should demonstrate all the features of the product and be attractive.

Media for Websites and Socials

The impression from the site begins with a photo or a video.

Site Translation

Quality translation of the site provides mutual understanding with partners and clients.

Project Localization

Translation of a digital project into a foreign language ensures its success in the country of localization.


site content


Photography is what stops the look, photography is a sales tool and it does not matter what your specialization is: food, real estate, knitted cardigans or cloud technology as in the photo shoot next to this text.

We created a visual storytelling experience to spotlight your business. We organize photo sessions depending on your specialization.

After shooting we prepare images for publication on the site and in social media, prepare layouts for printing on paper, canvas, T‑shirts and others.

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Translation & Localization

You know how it could be funny when you translate a site using Google Translate and the translation does not always get amusing: sometimes the idea of the original article changes beyond recognition.

We translate the content of your site into Russian as is it was written by native speakers, using topics and termes that are used in the Russian‑speaking environment. It’s very importmant for those entrepreneurs who plan business contacts with Russian companies and individuals.

Additional to this we localize software products, i.e. Kabulari Studio’s team translates the messages, menu items, help pages and other information of your web project as well. This is very useful in a situation where you orient your project for use in a Russian‑speaking clients and want to be unambiguously understood.

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Sometimes it’s not enough to take good photos. Sometimes it’s video content that creates a visual experience that best demonstrates your business, your products and services.

We are happy to offer you video shooting, including shooting from quadrocopter.