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Code Optimization

Make your site understandable for search engine systems.

Target Audience

The definition of the target audience makes the advertising campaign more efficient.

Keywork Research

A good keyword list is the basis for a successful advertising campaign and reason for a decrease in ads tomorrow.


Analysis of the statistics of the advertising campaign allows you to change the parameters, increasing the number of visitors to the site.



To meet with your customers

It’s not enough to create a site, to make a multitude of photos and to publish a lot of articles. You need to inform the searching engines and you need to do it in the engine’s language.

Unfortunatly it’s impossible to do it in a few sentences or just to fill a form: every site needs to be presented in a formal view for the engines. A good site’s structure with clear tags, metadata and relevant texts are a starter kit for those sites which want to get a good index in search engines. We’ll be glad to accompany you on this way.


A Few Steps To Search Engine Optimisation

We base our work on SEM on a few steps.

Site Preparation

At this stage we form a list of keywords and on its basis fill the SEO tags.

Creation of Advertisements

During the whole project we become a bit of your clients. We try to imagine what a person who needs your services will do. How he or she is going to search the services like yours.

To Start a Campaign

Now it’s time to monitoring the result of SEO stage: get analytics to adjust the SEO steps and collect statistics for the future.